Who We Are

Cahill Law Office, P.A., is a well-respected litigation law firm providing quality legal services since 1981. Focused exclusively on litigation, we represent companies and private individuals throughout Minnesota and North Dakota. As dedicated trial lawyers, Barton J. Cahill and Scott M. Strand understand the intricacies of the legal system and how to efficiently guide clients through the process.

Every client has unique goals and objectives for their specific case. To successfully serve our clients, we offer quality litigation services to individuals and companies involved in civil disputes, claims for financial damages, personal injury, insurance defense and complex coverage issues, wrongful death, premises liability, appeals and other general litigation cases.

To learn more about Bart and Scott’s background and accomplishments, read their attorney profiles below:

A Timeline Of Our Firm’s History

1957: Our firm’s history dates back to 1957, when our founding attorneys James D. Cahill and James E. Garrity joined together to establish the law firm of Garrity & Cahill in Moorhead, Minnesota

1976: Steve Cahill joined the firm which was now known as Cahill, Gunhus, Streed, Grinnell, Jeffries & Klingler.

1981: James D. Cahill and Steve Cahill established Cahill Law Offices, P.A. at its current location in the F-M Center. Attorney Steve Marquart also joined the firm.

1986: Barton J. Cahill joined the firm.

2005: Scott M. Strand joined the firm.

In recent years, Steve Cahill and Steve Marquart have both become District Court judges. Founding attorney James D. Cahill passed in 1994. At present, our firm is a notable two lawyer practice.

Our Philosophy

Cahill Law Office, P.A., is a civil litigation firm that began with founding attorney James D. Cahill’s endeavor to create a law firm devoted exclusively to civil litigation. Now recognized as a premier litigation firm, Barton J. Cahill and Scott M. Strand, continue the more than 50-year tradition of providing clients with exceptional litigation services.

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